Elizabeth (Lizz) Toledo, LCSW

Ms. Toledo is a 20 year veteran of the recovery field. Born in Costa Rica, she grew up in a poor inner city neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut. From a working class immigrant background, Lizz has a deep commitment to serving oppressed communities. Lizz has experience in developing & coordinating programs serving communities of color, the LGBT community and women. She also has extensive experience coordinating National, regional and local conferences and events. She has worked as an HIV/AIDS counselor and activist, coordinated substance abuse programs for pregnant women, developed and coordinated domestic violence programs for batterers & survivors, developed and directed gang violence prevention programs and volunteered for sexual assault hotlines.

Currently Ms. Toledo serves as the Vice President and Ethics Committee Chair of the Alcohol & Drug Certification Board of Georgia (IC&RC). She also serves on several boards and committees to end Domestic Violence in Georgia and nationally. Strongly believing that hope for recovery from addictions, violence or other destructive behaviors is possible for all persons, Ms. Toledo serves on several committees to enhance treatment & prevention outcomes.

She is a Therapist for survivors at PADV, Inc (Partnership against Domestic Violence), and the Director of Angels Recovery & Spirituality, Inc. Ms. Toledo presents on a variety of topics nationally and locally in an effort to fulfill the mission her mentors passed on to her. “Each One Teach One! Pass it on”